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We are classical music lovers collecting performances on vinyl for almost 30 years now. And we continue to do so. Our collection grew to some 20'000 titles and it's time to part with some of those titles, not only those with multiple copies. This results in adding around 200-300 new items from our collection every month and send info to our friends, classical lovers, collectors and subscribers worldwide.

What clearly separates these pages from most others is that each item features high-res pictures or scans. Being a passionate collectors all items are scanned and carefully graded. Go and browse the store and discover beauty and art sometimes available on LP covers only!

Process of searching for items is very simple, enter just about anything in the search field above and click on Search button. For additional info on searching/finding items, click on "Searching" link.

Once your order/interest is placed we will revert with all the info as soon as possible. Nothing is done automatically and your order does not include or requests any payment info. Shipping is done from EU, exclusively by Priority mail (airmail), average delivery time ranges from 2-5 days for Europe, to 7-10 days for USA and Japan. We use custom made boxes/mailers to ensure safe travel for LPs.

Last but not the least, we offer full money back guarantee on all items you get from us. Including shipping cost both ways.

About our privacy policy, please read here, or click Privacy link above.

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